We provide custom services for OEM Products - from formula, packaging, design, labels, branding to marketing

مستعدون لتقديم خدمه تعبئه كافة المستحضرات للعلامات التجارية الخاصة بالاضافه الى خدمات التسويق والتطوير.

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Who We are

We produce:

We produce all kinds of dish washing liquid and dish washing paste, chlore products, clothes washing powder, floor cleaning products, black clothes washing gel, and all cleaning and bleaching and freshening related products as well as soap in the near future.

Our Commitment

Our Research & Development departments is continously exploring the ways to deliver sustainability benefits through our products without compromising on your cleaning results. This includes bringing new innovations and ideas to market.

Our goal is to provide the best cleaning performance and care for our environment.

Our commitment includes:

  • Concentrated products that reduce packaging per job
  • Developing products that clean better at lower wash temperatures
  • Only using ingredients that are safe in use and safe for the environment.
  • Our primary cleaning ingredients, surfactants, are readily and fully biodegradable.

Optimizing our manufacturing eco-efficiency through minimizing use of energy, water and waste

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Detergenta s.a.r.l.

Location:AlBekaa - Lebanon.
Telephone: +961 8 955882
Fax: +961 8 955883

Detergenta s.a.r.l

    Detergenta translates your concepts into products and also produces products on your formula, by adding value to it to assure market success.

    Our Partners will benefit from the many years of our experience and expertise in the detergent industry, to produce your products in any quantities at the best price that can successfully compete in your market


    العلامه التجاريه الخاصة

    نحن في دتيرجينتا نتيح لشركائنا الاستفاده من سنوات خبرتنا الطويله في مجال صناعه المنظفات, حتى يتمكنوا من انتاج منتجاتهم الخاصة بكميه وجوده وأسعار تمكنهم من التنافس بنجاح في السوق.

    Products are blended and made available in attractive packaging, which have unique shape, colour, texture and material or in any type of container of your choice.


    التعبئه و التغليف

    يتم مزج المنتجات لنقدم لكم تعبئه مميزة بأشكال فريدة من نوعها بناء على طلبكم

    We also assist you to generate attractive and unique packaging, along with the text and images to be printed.



    نحن أيضا نساعدك على تصميم التعبئة والتغليف, واختيار النص والصور التي سيتم طباعتها.

    We are also Offering — Market research, Product Positioning, Pricing, Sales Management, Customer Relationship Management, Product documentation and training Laboratory testing i.e. efficacy, stability, safety testing, Quality checking



    نحن أيضا نقدم خدمات دعم وتسويق مختلفه تتضمن — أبحاث عامه عن المنتجات وطريقه التسويق , دراسة الأسعار , ادارة المبيعات , اداره علاقات العملاء , اجراءات توثيق المنتج , التدريب , الفحوصات المخبريه , فحص الجوده